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X-ray examination

X-ray examination


X-ray examinations can reveal cracks, broken bones, and other internal injuries. This type of examination is often performed after an accident or when a serious illness is suspected. X-rays penetrate the body and are captured on a film. For radiographs of soft tissues such as the gastrointestinal tract, a contrast agent may be used to enhance the image. X-ray examinations are painless, quick and easy to perform. The risks of this type of diagnostics are small and are usually outweighed by the benefits. X-ray examinations are an important tool for diagnosing diseases and injuries.

In the event of a vacation emergency or accident, pain or discomfort that is not visible, we can help you with professional x-rays and safely discuss the next steps with you. In combination with our duplex ultrasound, we therefore cover all levels of the human structure, whether at the bone level, muscular level or even the vascular level.

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